We love our educators

A system Originally designed for Schools

Our passion for education

The original design for Sipharmony was for schools and education. VoIP systems are not cheap and we felt like it was someone's duty to help our education system by providing a honest and affordable VoIP solution.

Complete transparency. Honest pricing and predictability.

Predictable & Scalable Prcing

  • Business UCaaS Seat - /user/month See pricing page
  • Room Extension - /room/month $6
  • All other Sipharmony features INCLUDED


One, five, or a hundred.
It doesn't matter how many physical phones you need.

Sipharmony will provide your office, or multiple locations, with enough physical phones for every extension!

This includes schools!

Bells & Paging

We made setting up bell schedules and paging a breeze and easily customizable.

Fanvil i18S SIP

Secure the kiddos

Sipharmony works perfectly with the Fanvil line of products.

Fanvil door phones and access systems are fully integrated with Fanvil SIP phones. See who is at the door, right from the deskphone, and allow access.