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Bulk Discounts

We offer generous price breaks for companies needing a large number of extensions.

All features are unlocked, no matter what size your company is!

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All Access

UCaaS Seat
$ 20
00 Monthly
  • All App Access
  • All Features Unlocked
  • Unlimited SMS & MMS
  • Unlimited Calling (Local)
  • Call Center Features
  • First Phone Number Free
  • Physical Phone Included!

Best. Pricing.

When comparing pricing vs features, our pricing is THE cheapest pricing on the planet.

We beat anyones price!

With no investors and no one to control us, we set the bar for VoIP pricing

At Sipharmony, we do not lock our pricing behind tiers. One price, unlocks it all!

  • All Integrations FREE!

    All current and future integrations are included! If we don't have it, we'll program it.

  • Low Usage Extension $6

    We understand, your breakroom or kitchen doesn't require a full price line. That's why we added the Low Usage Extension. Enjoy even further price breaks when choosing Sipharmony. You won't find a better price. Anywhere.

  • Hotel Room $6

    Fill your hotel rooms with affordable phones!

  • Class Room $6

    Fill your schools class rooms with affordable phones!

  • E911 $1.50

    Monthly Registration for E91

  • Additional DID $3

    Each additional phone number, per month

  • Additional Toll Free $8

    Each additional toll free number, per month

  • 844-888 Activation $10

    One time activation fee for 1-844 and 1-888 toll free phone numbers

  • 800 Activation $60

    One time activation fee for 1-800 toll free phone numbers

  • Unlimited Fax $25.99

    Unlimited faxing, per month

  • Unlimited Support FREE!

    We do not charge for support or for making ANY change to your phone system! Some companies will charge you as high as $150 for changes!

  • Account & PBX Setup Fee FREE!

    We will build and setup your phone system exactly how you want it. With no revision limit!

Sipharmony Features

View our complete list of features below


  • Minimum Number of Users 1
  • Maximum Number of Users Unlimited
  • Voicemail & Call Recording Included

    Recorded calls are kept for 30 days. But we can adjust that for you.

  • Softphone/apps for desktop, iOS, and android Included
  • CTI Included
  • Instantly provisioned numbers Included
  • Custom music on hold Included
  • Call queues Unlimited
  • Auto attendant (IVR) Unlimited
  • Queue call back Included
  • Custom IVR development "Enter your account number" Included

    We can customize your IVR to suite your business needs. We can integrate with ANY CRM or software.

  • Business Hours Included
  • Holiday Hours Included
  • JSON POST IVR nodes Included

    Have a developer on hand? Let them take advantage of our IVR Nodes!


  • Ring groups UNLIMITED
  • AI and manual call distribution rules Included
  • Shared mailboxes Included
  • Assign calls Included
  • Shared and personal contacts Included
  • Call recording and on demand recording Included
  • Conference calls Included
  • Call monitoring Included
  • Call whispering Included
  • Call barging Included
  • Email reporting Included


  • Live analytics Included
  • Agent analytics Included
  • Call queue analytics Included
  • Distribution analytics Included
  • Custom analytics Included
  • SOA & Calls analytics Included


  • Forward-to-mobile Included
  • Voicemail to email Included
  • Hold music Included
  • User working hours Included
  • SMS notifications Included
  • Desktop notifications Included
  • Email notifications Included
  • Blacklist number Included
  • Pause-resume recording Included
  • Paging Included
  • Unlimited simultaneous outbound calls Included
  • Blind transfers Included
  • Warm transfers Included

Custom Development

No other VoIP provider can provide you with custom development!

A developer at your side

Need something that could help automate your business? Sipharmony has the leadership and the experience to tackle any solution you can think of.

Custom developments are hosted by us and accessed through your sipharmony portal. Small projects are complementary!!

Nothing is out-of-scope