IVR Features for your pharmacy

Looking for a cost effective phone system for your pharmacy?

Sipharmony will integrate with ANY pharmacy software!

Refills 24/7

Patients and prescribers can request refills after or during pharmacy hours that go directly into the pharmacy system. All from the phone system!

Doctor Line

Dedicated line for doctors to reach the pharmacist directly or leave a voicemail on the doctor only voicemail.

Text Message

Have automated text messages sent to your customers and prescribers when their prescription is ready for pickup.


We are currently fully integrated with:

Why do you need an IVR?

IVR systems offer a wide range of benefits including refills and transfers. Instead of having to talk to a staff member the patient or doctor can request the refill or transfer from following the prompts when they call into the pharmacy. That refill or transfer request then goes directly into the pharmacy system’s inbound que and waiting to be filled.  This allows the patient to request refills or transfers 24/7 during or after hours. IVR proves to be helpful to the pharmacy owners to serve their patients especially to the ones who are new to the market & start a pharmacy.

Below are some additional benefits to an IVR system:

Outbound patient messaging – Automatically inform patients via text their prescription is ready for pickup, time to refill or that flu shots are now in with a marketing blast done via the IVR!

Uninterrupted workflow – Let the IVR handle the calls and requests. Allow your staff to continue their workflow and minimize the manual refill requests. 

Advanced level reporting – Get an idea of your call volume, refill requests, call duration, call hang-ups and more.

Check RX status – Patients can check their RX status by interacting with the IVR to see which step of workflow their prescription is currently in.

Survey patients – IVR can contact patients to ensure their contact info and preferred method of contact is up to date.

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