What? Free Phones?

Yes! We provide all of our new business customer with enough phones to fill their office!

The Yealink T46

The saying still rings true.

Why fix it, if it's not broke?

The Yealink T46S/G IP phones are built proof. They are sturdy, reliable, and have kept up with todays technology with the amazing updates provided by Yealink.

It's still stylish and it has all the features of it's successors.

Out of room?

Also included, are Yealink Sidecars!

If you need more DSS keys than what can fit on the Yealink T46S/G, we will provide you with a sidecar.

* Limit 2 per Yealink T46S/G
* Extension must need the requirement


All provided equipment will have our in-house warranty applied to it!
If your phone breaks, we will replace it, for free!
Need a new cord? Not a problem.
Need a new receiver? Not a problem.
Everything is covered.